Dramm ColorWear Garden Apron


Do you always seem to have too much to carry when gardening – pruners, twine, seed packets, Lesche digging tool, plant clips…? It can become quite a juggling act!

I used to carry everything in a tool tote, bucket or tub trug, but now I usually wear the Dramm ColorWear Garden Apron instead and I love it.

I first saw the garden apron at a trade show late in 2012 and thought it was “interesting” but probably not all that practical. Turns out that I was wrong – it’s well designed by someone who clearly thought through how an apron would actually be used in the garden.

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Price varies by color.


The ColorWear Garden Apron by Dramm protects your clothes while keeping your tools within easy reach. The three-pocket design allows for easy storage of garden tools, gloves and seeds. The larger center pocket is perfect for garden produce or debris and is zippered for convenient removal. The ColorWear Garden Apron’s sleek design and extra long waist ties contours to any shape. Made from 100-percent cotton with breathable mesh pocketing for a lightweight and durable feel.

  • Protect clothes while keeping tools at an easy reach
  • 3 pocket design for gardening tools, gloves & seeds
  • Zip-down pocket for easy debris removal
  • Sleek design and generous tie lengths ensures proper fit
  • Available in assorted colors and trim style