Garden Hod


Before I saw the Maine Garden Hod on display at the New England Grows trade show a few years ago, I’d never heard the term “hod.” Now the garden hod is one of my most-used gardening tools.

I give the Garden Hod a 5-shovel rating. Harvested fruit and vegetables are easy to carry, it’s simple to wash your harvest with a garden hose or under the kitchen faucet, it stands up well to extended use, and it’s attractive enough to leave on the kitchen counter when it’s full.

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Originally used by Maine clam diggers to hold and rinse their catch, these hods are perfect for harvesting and rinsing off vegetables and gathering flowers, too. Made in New England, this hod is constructed from pine and maple with hand-rubbed oil finish, with food-grade, vinyl-covered mesh. You’ll find yourself using it for more than just harvesting — carrying picnic items, storing potatoes and squash, gathering items to bring upstairs, holding guest hand towels and more. Choice of two sizes: Small and Large.