Redback 120V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower


The cost of the Redback 120V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower falls at the lower end of comparable tools by other manufacturers. Having tested others, I find the Redback a great value. Power meets light weight, maneuverability, and long battery life. What’s not to like?

Is this the right tool for you? Here’s what I really liked about the Redback 120V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower:

  • Strength and power options: Regardless if you’re moving leaves over pavement or out of bushes, this unit has plenty of oomph to get the job done. Initially, I didn’t understand why a blower would need more than a full power and off mode. But now I get it. When you turn the unit to Turbo mode, leaves tend to explode into the air like fireworks! The top speed has no problem moving leaves, but the optional lower speeds allow you to move them with more precision.
  • Weight and balance: The Redback weighs as much as an average housecat. Have you ever picked up your cat and thought, “My goodness, you’re heavy! I have to put you down!” Probably not. And I never needed to set the Redback down because my arm, shoulders, or back grew tired. Neither did my wife or 10-year-old daughter. The unit’s balance distributes the weight, making it feel lighter still. The lightweight and nice balance add up to maneuverability. Using the shoulder strap to hold the unit, you can angle the blower with a simple rotation of your wrist to clear leaves from any surface.
  • Long battery life: I got nearly 2 hours of continuous use of low and medium power with the Redback. I don’t believe I own another single power tool that will run that long between charges. That means I spent more time clearing leaves than waiting for the battery to finish charging.
  • Convenient: I am much more likely to grab the Redback blower instead of reaching for my gasoline-powered or extension corded units. Premixing gas and dragging out extension cords is a serious commitment. Maybe I’m getting old, but sometimes I’m worn out from getting a tool ready to use before I ever use it! But with the Redback, when I see leaves piling up on my driveway or in my yard, I just grab it, work for 10 minutes, and then put it away.
  • Feel: I can’t think of another word for it, so I’m going to stick with the word feel. I’ve given many tools high marks because they performed very well compared to the price or other alternatives on the market. The Redback has a long battery life, an ease of use, a powerful motor, and a lightweight overall package. But beyond that, it just feels like an extension of my arm.

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Feel the power of 120-Volts Redback brings innovation and convenience with the 120-Volt Brushless Leaf Blower. This blower is packed with features including a brushless motor to maximize run time and motor life, gas-like power delivering up to 514 CFM air volume and up to 122 MPH air speed to clear heavy debris, and a 4 stage speed adjustment with turbo mode for full power control. It’s efficient, low noise design and ergonomic handle grip makes the task safer and more enjoyable. This kit includes everything you need to get started with the Redback Power 120-Volt Lithium-Ion system: the tool, a 2.0Ah battery (compatible with all Redback 120-Volt tools) and a 2.0Ah battery charger. Estimated Run Time: 120 min/2.0Ah Battery. 120-Volt Lithium-Ion blower gives you industry leading power Brushless motor with variable speed optimization Produces 122 MPH and 514 CFM Lightweight at just 9.6 lbs (with the battery) Includes shoulder strap, battery and charger Metal ring balance on the end of the blower to decrease wear