48″ Root Assassin Shovel /Saw


THE ORIGINAL & BEST Award Winning Shovel & Saw Combo Garden Tool

One look at the Root Assassin shovel’s saw-toothed blade, and you know this tool means business.

Often hybrid tools end up doing neither job well. The Root Assassin is a happy exception. If you are digging a hole in a root-infested area, clay, or even rocky soil, this is the perfect tool. While I would not pick up this tool simply to cut off a branch, if it’s in your hand when a branch for cutting presents itself, it will do the job effectively.

The Root Assassin Shovel lives up to its name, and to the claims made by the manufacturer. We highly recommend it.

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  • 48″ Root Assassin Shovel / Saw
  • Patented All-Purpose Garden Shovel & Saw. EASILY SLICE THROUGH ROOTS!
  • 16 SERRATED STEEL TEETH ON EACH SIDE: Cuts While Digging Both IN and OUT
  • ONLY 4 POUNDS: Makes it Easy to Lift and Easy to Use.
  • LIFETIME Replacement GUARANTEE: No Questions Asked!


The Root Assassin is excellent for clearing-out an overgrown area of garden, forest or brush. The engineered “bone structure” adds amazing strength and the curved sharpened tip cuts roots easily. The unique shape of the serrated teeth located on both sides of the shovel is built to withstand the toughest jobs and can be sharpened with a wheel or grinder. The secret of the shovel is the fact that the teeth cut roots when pushing in and when pulling out. The shovel is made of solid structural carbon steel and is overlaid with a sleek silver color powder coat. The ergonomically designed steel shaft is topped by with durable solid rubber coated bright red handle for comfort and ease of locating amid the grounds. Weighing 4 lbs, it’s light enough to be dragged along for a long day and yet strong and dense enough to provide the leverage needed to get the job done. It is an excellent addition to your garden tools. (Please do NOT use as a lever; max weight is 250 lbs.)

Winner of the Golden Shovel Award by Garden Products Review!