YARDMAX™ Electric Log Splitter


Once you’ve decided you want to use the YARDMAXTM  Electric Log Splitter, there isn’t much to do, since it essentially does all of the work for you. Just assemble it, open the bleeder screw, load a log onto it, and turn it on. Arthritic fingers or a bad back will no longer keep you from enjoying a toasty fire.

The YARDMAXTM  does only one thing – splits wood – and does it really well. I love it and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. It’s sturdy, works fast, is easy to use, and eliminates the usual stresses and strains of splitting wood.

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Yardmax 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

It gives you the power to tackle tough challenges and make log splitting simple and efficient. High-powered, lightweight, and easy to maneuver and operate, YARDMAX log splitters are built to maximize user experience and results.

YARDMAX electric log splitters offer the strength, speed and durability of a high-end product at a far more reasonable price. YARDMAX’s electric log splitters provide the ruggedness needed to take on the job — with the ease, portability and convenience of clean, electric splitting.

  • Powerful, 5 Ton RAM Force to get the job done fast
  • Stand, log tray and stroke limiter included
  • Two-handed operation puts operator safety first
  • Log capacity – 20.5″ in length and 10″ in diameter
  • Short cylinder cycle time – 16 seconds