Breez R2 Propane Tiller Cultivator


Here’s what I liked most about the Breez R2 Propane Tiller Cultivator:

  • The engine had plenty of power for everything I asked it to do;
  • Easy to start, stop, maneuver, and operate;
  • Top-mounted wheels (Flip-and-Follow™ wheels) that made one-handed transport a snap;
  • The external cotter pins attaching the blades to the axle made for easy tine clean-out;
  • The blades are replaceable should the need arise;
  • Runs 60-90 minutes on one propane canister;
  • No gasoline means none of the typical problems with gas fumes, gas spills, stale gas, or engine gumming;
  • Quieter than typical engine noise;
  • Its sturdy construction keeps vibration low, and its lightweight design makes it easier to use for longer sessions.

Hypothetically, let’s say my wife were to say to me, “You have so many tillers in the garage, we can’t even fit one car inside. Can you just keep one, and get rid of the rest?” Hypothetically, I would tell her, “I’m keeping the Breez R2.” Because I am.

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  • Propane- no more stale gasoline that gums up your engine. Fewer repairs and maintenance is a breeze
  • Efficient- Runs times of 1 to 1.5 hours per standard 1 lb. bottle of propane, depending on soil conditions and throttle speed
  • Nimble- Extremely light weight and nimble in the garden. Excellent for maneuvering in tight spaces and closely around delicate garden plants
  • Sturdy- Rigid U-Turn handle bar design for vibration dampening and solid control of the unit
  • Quiet and Clean- Quiet and clean running engine. Cleaner exhaust without the stink of gasoline combustion