Root Assassin One Shot Shovel


I highly recommend the Root Assassin One Shot shovel to anyone wanting a sharp point to dig right in, wings to hold your payload better that also give you “the ability to put more power into stomping the shovel into the ground,” (as my husband said), and a perfect height with a comfortable easy grip handle. The One Shot shovel will store like any other shovel in your garage or shed and with the bright red handle, it will be the first one you reach for.

The One Shot shovel is easy to use and digs right into the ground, whether it’s sand, soil or – as we found – even clay. With a little effort, we were also able to move gravel and rocks.

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Patented “wings” cuts work time & effort the unique shovel with “wings” was designed for carrying larger pay loads without spillage off the sides. Ideal for trenching & cutting sod in one shot (hence the name) with the added benefits of a cleaner & neater shoveling job. The “wings” also significantly increase the strength of the shovel blade & provide extra foot support for those tough digging jobs. The extra weight added by the wings is offset by the lighter & stronger fiberglass handle for superior strength of the transition from handle to blade. The shovel has many practical uses & can perform as a round pt. Shovel with extra capabilities. Huge load capacity. Ergonomic design. Huge foot step for easy use. Lifetime replacement warranty. 43″ long & weighs just 6 lbs. Steel blade with fiberglass handle.

  • Shovel with “wings”
  • Move earth in one Shot
  • Huge load capacity
  • Extra large foot step
  • Keeps dirt on the shovel and not on your grass