Garden Patch Grow Box


GrowBox self watering planters from Garden Patch have been around for a few years but they’ve recently introduced some new colors, including this fun eggplant color (see review). So I thought it was time to try it out and see how it would work for growing greens in the harsh, sunny climate of Tucson.

The GrowBox is intended for intensive cropping, also called square-foot gardening (see our review of the Garden Stamp for another way to do this). The point is to grow as much as possible in as small a space as possible while minimizing the amount of work required.

To make that happen you need to provide ideal growing conditions to support a lot of plants. So the GrowBox comes with a special blend of fertilizers and nutrients and a cover that inhibits weed growth and retains moisture.

The GrowBox makes it easy to grow vegetables and flowers in a small space. It’s relatively simple to put together (if you do it carefully), small enough to move when needed, and works as promised. The Nutrient Patch takes the guess-work out of feeding your plants as they grow.

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  • This grow box uses common potting mix
  • Made from durable UV protected polymer
  • Includes 1 nutrient patch cover
  • Holds 4 gallons of water, 42 liter soil capacity, 1-1/2 cubic feet