Overall, the TreePan worked as promised. It takes a little practice to put it together but once it’s in place it doesn’t require any work. It protected the tree I placed it around and the tree is now thriving. TreePans are made in the USA from recycled plastic that stands up well to the elements and requires no maintenance. Plus they’re reusable.

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TreePans are reusable, agricultural products which shorten the growth span, increase yield, make maintenance easier and lessen the resources needed to care for trees. The TreePan assembles around the base of the tree and into the ground preventing water run off and protecting the tree from mechanical damage. The dome design prevents weed growth and eliminates the need for mulch, plastic sheeting, show drip water buckets and trunk protectors. The dome design creates a greenhouse effect, keeping moisture in the soil and reducing water use to 50%.

  • Protects newly planted trees from mechanical damage from lawn mowers and weed eaters
  • Retains moisture in soil providing a greenhouse effect
  • Suppresses weeds and turf grass under the dome design
  • Replaces mulch, plastic sheeting and trunk guards