Fiskars Billhook


Think of the Fiskars Billhook as a “Leatherman” multi-tool, but used for the garden and landscape. As Fiskars puts it, “It’s a 6” hooked blade for trimming shoots and stems, dividing plants, edging borders, and more in your yard and garden”. It’s part hatchet, part machete, part hook-knife, part saw, part scraper, part weeder, and so much more. It’s got lots of sharp edges, making it an ideal cutting and digging tool for a variety of gardening and landscape projects. And all those sharp edges are protected (and protect you) by a nice nylon sheath that comes with the product.

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Fiskars Compact Clearing Weed Hook – Clear and cut back light brush, roots, perennials, succulents, and more with this hook designed for sawing, dividing, digging, and edging. Fine serrated hardened steel blade with rust resistant, low-friction coating stays sharp through heavy use and glides through tough materials without sticking. Contoured, textured Softgrip handle has a curved end to keep tool safely and securely in hand. Finger guard for added protection. Includes nylon carrying sheath. Lifetime warranty. – Overall Length: 13″, Blade Length: 6″, Handle Type: Softgrip, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Clamshell