Garden on Wheelz


I highly recommendGarden On Wheelz™. While the young inventor didn’t think of every conceivable bell and whistle when he designed it, the Garden On Wheelz™ does what it claims it will do and does it well.

I put the suggested list price of $299 in the category of you-get-what-you-pay-for. The Garden On Wheelz™ is rugged, sturdy, won’t tip over, and holds up well. I left mine out all year in blazing sun and below-zero temperatures, soaked in rainstorms, and buried in snow and ice. The plastic did not become brittle or fade and the whole thing looks brand new.

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Garden On Wheelz is the first mobile raised bed of it’s kind. Designed to allow the less mobile gardener to enjoy all the benefits of gardening with an adjustable height garden that can be moved anywhere.

  • Adjustable height allows it to adapt to any gardeners needs. i.e. sit down, stand up, wheel chair accessible.
  • Built in water recycling system to catch nutrient rich run-off water which can be recycled back into the garden area above.
  • Mobility allows you to maximize your sunlight on a patio, balcony, or even indoors near the biggest windows in your home.
  • Self-braking back legs.

We are an environmentally conscious brand seeking to provide all people with a renewable source of fresh produce that can be grown at home, regardless of space or sunlight restrictions. Whether you are a green thumb starved by the city landscape, a dedicated gardener.

The Garden on Wheelz is PVC free, BPA free, and Phthalate free, it is also UV resistant plastic that is food grade. Anyone who grows food in the garden will have food which is totally safe to eat.

You will have 5.25 cubic ft of garden space. Garden area is 12 inches deep. According to the National Gardening Association you can grow 31.5lbs of fresh produce in just one year using this amount of space!