Bionic Men’s Tough Pro Gloves


The Bionic Tough Pro is one heck of a glove. It’s one of my absolute favorites. Its ergonomic design, the use of both goatskin and Lycra, the double stitching in virtually all areas, its supreme comfort and flexibility, and the use of silicone pads for dexterity and vibration reduction put it in a class all its own.

I was a little disappointed that some of the stitching at the thumbs and left index finger let go but I attribute this to the extreme use I put these gloves through – stitching will eventually wear and fail with enough abuse. The gloves are still going strong despite the wear failures in these areas and I anticipate that they still have significant life left in them. Nothing lasts forever, including gloves.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of gardening/landscaping gloves that will likely last you many, many months, and perhaps years, you can’t go wrong with the Bionic Tough Pro gloves. They are not inexpensive (see below), but the expression, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here. I have gone through several sets of much less expensive (and a lot less comfortable) gloves in the time that it would take to destroy the Tough Pro gloves. In the long run, these gloves may actually be less expensive and provide so much more than the typical leather gardening glove.

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  • Leather
  • Anatomical relief pads even the surface of the hand to naturally promote a lighter, more secure grip.
  • Motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers promote natural, unrestricted hand movement and help circulate air to help hands “breathe”.
  • Reinforced silicone material added to the thumb and fingertips for extra protection and durability – Open cuff design allows for optimum fit.
  • Unique padding helps reduce the hand and joint pain caused by the vibration from power tools, lawn mowers and tractors.
  • Top-grade, supple goatskin leather and added padding in the palm helps provide the strength needed to stand up to constant punishment and use.