Bionic Women’s Relief Grip Gardening Gloves


If you’re looking for one glove that can do almost everything, you can’t go wrong with the Bionic ReliefGrip gardening glove. It has some unique features that make it a good choice not only for the typical gardener, but also for those of us with arthritic fingers.

A lot of thought has clearly gone into the design of Bionic ReliefGrip gardening gloves. They’re tough yet supple, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and keep your hands clean and protected. For general gardening tasks, these are my go-to gloves.

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  • PREVENT FATIGUE-The ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon with arthritic and sensitive hands in mind. A patented pad relief system helps even the surface of your hand for a more comfortable secure grip.
  • COOL, DRY & COMFORTABLE HANDS- Terrycloth mini-towels on the inside of the glove keep your hand cool and dry. Lycra motion and web zones provide better comfort, fit and flexibility.
  • EVEN MORE SUPPORT- The form-fitting LightPrene™ expanded wristband comfortably supports the wrist and base of the thumb so you can keep going until the sun goes down.
  • SUPERIOR GRIP AND LIFESPAN- Silicone coated fingertips improve grip and increase durability in areas prone to wear and tear. It doesn’t matter if you are planting herbs or building a deck you’ll never lose grip.
  • WASH ME- Gardening and yard projects can be dirty work, but your gloves don’t have to look like it. Machine wash these gloves on low with no bleach products for a fresh look every time.