Foxgloves Works Gardening Gloves


I use the Foxgloves Works gardening gloves for those chores that require more protection for hands and more water resistance than you might find with lighter-duty gloves. They fit well and are great for lifting and moving rocks, bricks, large trunks and branches, large containers, and removing thorny weeds/plants.

I recommend Foxgloves Works gardening gloves for several reasons: they’re the best fitting for a woman’s hands, easy to clean, long lasting, and provide the extra protection you need when lifting rough objects and pulling thorny weeds.

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  • Synthetic suede protects fingers and palm
  • Durable reinforced fingertips for longer wear
  • Stretch nylon back provides a comfortable, snug fit
  • Padding protects knuckles against scrapes and bruises
  • Machine wash, dry low heat